The Moscow Cancer Relief Society helps cancer patients and people at risk for cancer
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The Moscow Cancer Relief Society, an organization that helps cancer patients and people at risk for cancer, is a non-profit, non-governmental voluntary organization. It was founded in 1990 by and for cancer patients, their relatives and interested physicians.

The Moscow Cancer Relief Society is one of the first community organizations working in this area both in Moscow and in Russia. Today it is a recognized leader in promoting health care reform. The Society received first prize in the competition "XXI Century of Russian Health Care" in the category of non-governmental organizations.

We are united by the belief that cancer is not just a medical or scientific problem, and that it is not the problem only of those who have it and their relatives. Rather, it is the problem of society as a whole, and the only way to address it properly is through the united forces of the community.

The mission of the Moscow Cancer Relief Society is:

  • cancer prevention
  • saving lives from cancer
  • rehabilitation of cancer patients
  • educating the general public about cancer
  • providing information and emotional support for cancer patients and their families
  • setting up palliative medical care services

Our goals are:

  • to educate the public about the problems of seriously ill people
  • to guarantee the rights of cancer patients
  • to make available the latest information about cancer treatment
  • to ensure that various kinds of help and services are available to all patients

Oor programmes have the following aims:

  • to help cancer patients become more proactive in fighting cancer, to work more effectively with their doctors, and to find their own ways to health, optimism and a full life
  • to promote cancer prevention awareness by providing information about the possibilities of prevention and early detection
  • to organize and develop palliative care for cancer patients

Information program

In Russia the main problem encountered by cancer patients and their families is the near-total lack of information about cancer, treatment methods and possible resources for help. Outdated notions about cancer only heighten the fears of cancer patients and deprive them of their right to make reasonable choices.

We believe that reliable and truthful information is one of the main tools in the fight against cancer.

Within the information program the Moscow Cancer Relief Society supports the following activities:
  • The Information Center collects information on cancer, treatment, prevention, rehabilitation and resources for help, and also produces informational materials for cancer patients and their families.
  • The Information Center operates a telephone hotline which people may call for information
  • A library is available, where our clients may borrow books, audio and videotapes, magazines and various other material about self-help for cancer patients
  • A well-attended lecture series features weekly talks by leading professionals -- oncologists, psychologists, nutritionists, etc.
  • All the lectures are taped and used by our clients as information resources
  • Group therapy meetings are conducted, where cancer patients are counseled by medical experts, nutritionists, health professionals, etc.
  • We also publish booklets and brochures about cancer.
All information is provided free of charge.

The information program is carried out with the active participation of experts from leading Russian oncology centers and clinics.

The Moscow Cancer Relief Society is a member of the International Cancer Information Service Group that is established under the auspices of the International Union Against Cancer (UICC).

Support program

This program helps cancer patients tap into their inner strength and overcome feelings of isolation, despair and fear. It helps them adjust to a new reality and return as soon and as much as possible to a normal, active and valuable life.

The following activities are offered :
  • emotional support groups for cancer patients
  • meetings with psychologists and emotional self-help workshops
  • meetings of recently diagnosed people and survivors, who are ready to help new patients and support them emotionally

Breast cancer program

This program helps women with breast cancer.

The program includes:
  • Information
  • Support
  • Rehabilitation (women who have had breast cancer surgery participate in a special physical rehabilitation program that includes swimming and other exercises, under the supervision of a professional instructor).

Palliative care

The philosophy and principles of hospices and palliative medicine are only starting to be known and accepted in Russia. The Moscow Cancer Relief Society is at the forefront in promoting these new and extremely important ideas in Russia.
  • The nation's first Home Care Hospice for children with cancer is operating in Moscow. All medical, social and psychological support is provided free of charge by medical doctors and psychologists.
  • A training course in Palliative Care doctors and medical students is taught by a physician who specializes in palliative care for cancer patients.
  • Materials and booklets about palliative care are published.


We work closely with medical professionals and patients' organizations.

These contacts are very important and valuable to us. We believe that attaining a level of international best practice as a non-governmental, non-profit organization is one of our most important aims. We are eager to find contacts with experienced organizations to learn about their work and further our own activities.

We are eager to meet people all over the world who have dedicated their lives to the fight against cancer and are working to promote health education.

Let us join efforts to help people overcome their fear of cancer and strive together to improve the health of all people everywhere.

Contact us!

      Our address is (for mail):
      Moscow Cancer Relief Society
      127543 RUSSIA, Moscow,
      Korneychuka St., 39-59
Moscow Cancer Relief Society


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